Umang in Noida

umang in noida   umang in noida   umang in noida

In 1997, Umang joined hands with Ankur ANAWA to reach out to children in NOIDA and include them in the process of developing full-fledged plays every year. Ankur is the school started by the Army, Navy, Air Force Wives Association (ANAWA) in NOIDA in 1995 to teach children of the neighborhood who didn’t get the chance to study in regular schools. Ankur ANAWA now regularly comes together with Umang to give the students an opportunity to participate in a fun group activity and present a play every year.

Omu Datta, who has been associated with Umang since its early days took the initiative to bring Umang to NOIDA. While she looks after the management of the workshop, Harish Verma and Rakesh Sharma do the actual teaching.

Rakesh Sharma, also an alumnus of Umang, says this about Harish Verma, “Initiation to start a branch in Noida was yet another milestone for Umang and without Harish Sir’s active involvement, this effort would not have taken the identity it has today. Fondly remember my own days at Umang. With time, Harish sir’s commitment and patience have grown deeper roots and this is visible in the way he comes all the way to NOIDA every day without fail and single handedly trains each child.”

The plays that Umang NOIDA has performed include, Pustak Raj, Billi Ka Khel, Azad Panchi, Bahadur Chunnu, Malyang ki Kuchi, Gopi Gavaiya Bagha Bajaiya, Girgit, Ganit Desh, Anokha Vardaan, Jagriti, Kaun Bada Kaun Chhota.